Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you all know and to warn you as well that i am brand new to blogging, so it will be awhile until i get better at navigating the site and to really understand what i am doing (trying) to do here. I will tell you that i have been told by a few folks who are much younger than me, that i do give pretty good advice, and do not forget it is up to you if you choose to follow any advice i give to you, because, once again, i give the advice, you either follow it or don’t, it is and will always be up to you. I do realize that it is going to be difficult to listen to a complete stranger over the internet, a someone you have never met, nor do you have a reason to trust me, and that is fine, you should always take any advice, especially from a stranger with a grain of salt. So, any questions so far? Oh yeah, if i can think of a better name that hasn’t been taken yet, i plan on changing my name from grizzeled to something a bit better sounding.

See ya later.


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